We have the largest video production «Hype Hunters» a shooting pavilion for creating content of varying complexity and creativity, many years of experience working with bloggers and brands, as well as our own fleet of equipment.

What kind of content do we create?

Interview Podcast

We shoot interviews and podcasts from two to 8 people with unique color schemes for your topic.


We will help you realize the implementation of your videos, for social networks, from the script to the editing.

Live Stream

High-speed Internet, will allow you to broadcast live around the world with minimal delay of pictures and sound.


Creating a full-fledged series of your course or a set of lessons on any topic.

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Mikaela Beam
Mikaela Beam
13:32 09 Oct 23
They provided me with professional video production equipment and a studio that fully met my requirements. The team was attentive, responsive, and ready to help in all aspects of the project
13:20 08 Oct 23
The guys have a PlayStation 5, while the team was preparing for filming I was relaxing playing mortal combat 1. Hype Hunters has an incredibly clean studio with the smell of Tom Ford.
Roman Dobkin
Roman Dobkin
12:49 08 Oct 23
I rented their fully equipped studio for my project and was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the equipment and the professionalism of the team.
Martin Driggers
Martin Driggers
20:15 07 Oct 23
I rented their studio, which was spacious, well-equipped, and fully met my needs. The staff was friendly and professional, always ready to assist. I had a great experience working with hype hunters
16:41 07 Oct 23
I thank the Hype Hunters Production team for the best webinar of my life. The guys did all the work turnkey, and I just came and enjoyed their work. These are professionals in their field. I have never seen such a service anywhere in the world, only in Bali.
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones
11:14 23 Sep 23
The studio setup is fantastic, and the equipment is of high quality. Their team's expertise in video production is evident from start to finish. I'm grateful for their support and recommend HH
Mehdi Delavari
Mehdi Delavari
07:28 18 Aug 23
I would like to express my gratitude to hype hunters for their professionalism and the quality of their work. The team of video production experts demonstrated a high level of creativity and technical skill. The results of our collaboration exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of top-class video production services.
Sakineh Karimi
Sakineh Karimi
21:01 14 Aug 23
Their team of video production professionals displayed high levels of creativity, attention to detail, and efficiency. I am completely satisfied with the quality of their work and highly recommend it to anyone in search of top-notch video production services.
Surya Puja Dewata
Surya Puja Dewata
05:19 12 May 23
Daria Katolik
Daria Katolik
06:24 23 Feb 23
The best video production in Bali😍 Much love for the team and their work.The team perfectly understands what you want, they will tell you how to do it better, they are very attentive to details and at the end they give you an awesome result.I recommend this studio if you want to work with real professionals!
Bali Letim
Bali Letim
05:52 23 Feb 23
Cool vibe and clear paperwork.Probably it's best Video Production in Bali.
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